Hard and software used



Tyan S2390B motherboard with Duron 950 processor (1.6 V core) with 2 extra fans (and an ISA slot!).
384 MByte 133 MHz RAM.
Asus V7100 Combo de Luxe Geforce 2 MX videocard (with 32 MB RAM) with analog TV tuner and frame grabber.
40 Gbyte EIDE harddisk Seagate 5400 rpm (MS windows 98 SE + Linux 2.4.45) (master 1),
40 Gbyte EIDE harddisk Seagate 5400 rpm (Linux, 1/2ext2 and 1/2 reiderfs filesystem) for video recording (master 2).
DVD plus writer Philips DVDRW228 (master 2).
Soundblaster PCI 128 soundcard with Creative Ensoniq 1371 chip.
Creative Soundblaster Live with EMU10k chip.
1.44 MByte floppy drive.
Philips PCTV1000 analog TV card (in the ISA slot).
Technotrend DVB-s PCI satellite digital TV card.
External Etech Bullet E56k/V90 fax/data/voice modem.
Creative Labs Webcam II parport.
STV0680 webcam / digital camera on USB.
Samsun SyncMaster 950p 19 inch monitor.
Logitech optical wheel mouse on USB.
Imation FlashGo memory car adapter on USB.
Trust USB 1 to 4 expander.
Custom build teletext decoder (inspired by an article in the German magazine C'T) via parport.
Custom build 4 channel analog input box, 1ch analog out + 8 channel digital IO, via parport.
Custom build camera position control on ttyS0 (com1).
Epson Stylus 460 inkjet printer on parport.
Alcatel speedtouch 501 modem + router + firewall on ADSL 380 / 1120, connected with dhcpcd and NAT.
Algo 128 MB memory stick on USB.
Creative electret mike with preamp for VOIP on soundcard input.
Several amps, among that a 50W bass booster, on audio outputs (headphones too).


Operating systems

Operating systems:

Linux, once was Suse-7.2, now kernel 2.4.25, not much of Suse left, no KDE running, xfm and fvwm, 9 rxvt,
configuration completely changed, all later software versions too, different compilers etc..
MS-Windows 98 second release (sometimes).


Linux applications:
Netscape web browser.
NewsFleX newsreader.
xmpl mp3 player
uirc irc client.
occ online cost calculator (calculates your phone bill).
cmix command line audio mixer.
krs teletext (ceefax) display and stock price data aquisition.
xkrs (the same for X, but without the stock stuff).
tv1000 TV card control program.
xste DVB-s digital satellite tuning / recording program.
xkra stock / option display and calculation program.
editor joe.
bash shell.
named 8.4.4
Greymatter weblog.
Postgres SQL database.
phpPgAdmin-3.4.1 web based data base administation.
Apache webserver.
ftpd ftp server.
sendmail mail server.
wwwoffled httpd cache.
PHP 5.0
Python 2.2.2
many more applications.
uirc, occ, cmix, NewsFleX, krs, xkrs, xkra, xcha, xmpl, and tv1000 I wrote myself.

uirc is a nice IRC client, with some MIRC color capability.
Most programs I wrote are released under the GNU public license.

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