Panteltje's PIC pages

This code is released under the GPL license, violaters will be procecuted

co_pic_udp POE CO sensor with UDP output, 18F14K22.
humidity_pic_udp POE humidity and temperature sensor with UDP output, 18F14K22.
flight_recorder flight recorder for the Hubsan H501S quadcopter, can also be used as universal data logger to sdcard, 18F14K22.
hud Head Up Display for the Hubsan H501S quadcopter, 18F14K22.
hsign sky advertising with a drone, 18F14K22.
auto pilot auto pilot for Hubsan H501S drone, 18F14K22.
ir_pic universal IR remote transmitter controlled via USB serial port, 18F14K22.
gm_pic2 A solar powered Geiger counter with GPS and position logging to SDcard.
camc_pic camera position control using model servos, 16F648.
hcs_pic home temperature controller, 16F690.
swr_pic SWR and power meter for 27 MHz with LCD display, 2 x 16F690.
col_pic color LED PWM controller with timers, also disco lights, 16F690.
temp_pic temperature sensor, 12F629.
jppp18 Linux programmer for PIC 18F14K22 based on the noppp programmer, can easily be extended for other PIC 18F models.
pwr_pic LAB switchmode power supply, 0-24V 3 A from 12V DC, with LCD display, 16F690.
audio_pic Class D PWM audio amplifier, 18F14K22.
io_pic I/O extention, adds analog and digital I/O to a PC via RS232, 16F690 or 18F14K22.
freq_pic frequency counter with RS232 output, fits in a 9 pole D connector shell, 16F648.
tri_pic tritium decay experiment, 2 x 18F14K22.
scope_pic RS232 controlled digital storage oscilloscope with x y, FFT mode, and ASCII screendump, 18F14K22.
ethernet_color_pic ethernet UDP controlled RGB LED strip driver, 18F14K22, ENC28J60.
sign_pic 8 LED display that when swung around anti clockwise at the end of a string displays a specified text.
lc_pic LC meter with RS232 interface based on a PIC 16F648.
th_pic RS232 powered thermcouple adaptor based on a PIC 16F690.
gm_pic Geiger Mueller radiation detector with RS232 interface, based on a PIC 16F690.
fm_pic RS232 controlled FM transmitter with LCD, uses a PIC 18F14K22 and a BH1415F based FM transmitter module from ebay.
usa_pic RS232 to UDP and vice versa Ethernet adaptor, uses a PIC 18F14K22 and an ENC28J60 based ethernet module from ebay.
mag_pic fluxgate magnetometer compass with LCD display and RS232 interface, PIC 18F14K22, LM324, 74HCT4053, some transistors.
step_pic-0.5.tgz Stepper motor driver and servo controller via RS232 4800 Bd in a Microchip PIC 18F14K22, supports several servo modes.
step_pic_udp ethernet UDP controlled stepper motor unit for boat rudder steering.
wind_pic_thermal_udp An ethernet POE capable UDP wind speed and direction sensor front end.

sc_pic gamma spectrometer with RS232 interface and Linux PC side software, uses a Photonis XP2432 photo multiplier tube, based on a PIC 16F690.

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