Testing Chinese ethernet cables in a salt water environment

Got some cheap 15 meter ethernet cables from China via ebay 15 m ethernet cable:
These cables work great in house, but wondered how those would fare in a sail boat on blue water

As one of the connectors broke after a while, I ordered spare connectors and a tool to put those on.

The amazing thing was how thin the wires were, and even more amazing: could not figure out what those were made of.

The cables I have bought locally (much more expensive) use thick copper wire.
These are _not_ copper, and do not react to a strong magnet either,
and do not seem to be plated in any way, cheap iron strands?
I count 6 strands in each wire.
Searching with google for what the cables could be made of gave a lot of info, but none that did really seem to apply.

I measure 12.6 Ohm per 15 meter for each wire, close to 1 Ohm per meter! How do you like that?
Don't we terminate with 150 Ohm?

OK, stripped some wire, you can do this with your fingers, so weak is the plastic (and what a strange colors) and tried to solder it.
That nearly ruined my expensive plated tip, left a grey residue on the tip,
that only could be removed with repeated scraping, tip came out OK in the end, for now...

OK, tinning not possible, but what stuff is this?
Put the end in a plastic container and added water and a bit of salt (as little as you would use for boiling potatoes),
and left it in the window in the sunlight

Day 0:
Chinese ethernet cable in salt_water day 0

Day 3, strands fell of, some chemical reaction occurred: Chinese ethernet cable in salt_water day 3

You are warned.

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